Alright, fine. I joined BookTok.

I don’t know how to use TikTok. I barely even know what it is. I only ever watch the ones my friends send me and nearly every time I’ve read a book recommended to me from BookTok I’ve pretty much hated it (Miss Maas) or it wasn’t edited (That Time I Got Drunk and Saved … More Alright, fine. I joined BookTok.

March 2023 TBR

So far so good on these, so here’s another! A very short TBR this month! I couldn’t really figure out what I was feeling when I looked through my books, so March will probably be a lot of on-the-spot mood reading. For the TBR, I went with the books I planned to read for the … More March 2023 TBR

A Venom Dark and Sweet by Judy I. Lin | Mini Review

This review is spoiler-free! A Venom Dark and Sweet by Judy I. Lin Series: Book of Tea #2Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, MythologyRelease Date: August 23, 2022Format: Hardcover, 352 pagesRating: ★★★☆☆Find it here: Goodreads You can find my review of book one here! Don’t you just hate it when you don’t like the second book in a duology as much as the … More A Venom Dark and Sweet by Judy I. Lin | Mini Review

Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw | Mini Review

This review is spoiler-free! Winterwood by Shea ErnshawGenres: Young Adult, FantasyRelease Date: November 5, 2019Format: Hardcover, 323 pagesRating: ★★☆☆☆Find it here: Goodreads I don’t know what it is with Shea Ernshaw’s books and me, but this is the second time I’ve gone into her works and started off with “now THESE are the vibes!” and ended with “… oh.” And, … More Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw | Mini Review

February 2023 TBR!

Last month’s TBR was mostly a win, the only one I didn’t get to finish was Addie, and that’s because I did not realized how HUGE the book is… I’m about halfway through as of right now, but damn she’s thicc. Aside from that, it was enough of a success that I’m going to continue … More February 2023 TBR!

January 2023 TBR!

So I realized as I was writing my anniversary post that this hadn’t posted as expected and went to find out why, only to realize I had set the date for the wrong year. If you were looking for this post after I said it would come out, my bad! Here it is now! I … More January 2023 TBR!

8 Years? Wow.

8 years I’ve had this blog now. Honestly, I’m kind of super surprised I actually stuck with it this long, even if many of the months I was only posting my monthly wrap-ups. My book blogging journey has gone through a few iterations at this point, I thought for sure I’d have moved on by … More 8 Years? Wow.