Dry Shampoo: My Savior is Rockin’ It


I color my hair wild colors over school breaks. Let’s just get that out of the way and make it clear why I love to use dry shampoo. It’s basically a life saver for those who prefer their hair a little pinker (or other color) than what their genes allow them to have naturally. Because of this, I usually end the break with hella damaged hair from the bleaching it’s had to go through. So, along with hot oil treatments (which I also do during the coloring and such, not just when I color back) and hair masks, I also only wash my hair once a week.

This is common. Don’t be grossed out. You’re not really supposed to be washing your hair as much as it’s normally done, anyway. So bad for it.

I still shower every day, I just wear a shower cap so my hair doesn’t get wet, or I let it get wet but I don’t wash it.

Ask your grandma. If she gets perms, there’s a chance she does the same thing.

Your grandma and I, we have a connection.

A shower cap connection.

She feels me on a whole ‘nother level.

Anyway. Point being is, dry shampoo = life saver. My big problem, however, is that I hate, hate, hate the feeling of dry shampoo. It makes my hair feel chalky and ick and bleh.

Or, that’s how it used to be.

Over the years I’ve been very narrow-minded when it came to dry shampoos. I figured, hey, if one was like this, they all were like this, right?


I was so wrong.

Previously, I had used two brands of dry shampoo and only those two brands. They were TRESemme Freshstart (baby’s first dry shampoo) and Herbal Essences Naked. Both smelled meh to me, both left my hair with the gross chalky feeling no matter how little I used, the Herbal Essence one even made my hair look more unwashed than it was. I thought this was normal. I didn’t look elsewhere.

(To be fair, though, I shopped at Target and Walmart for this stuff; they only really had these two for the longest time.)

Until, one day, as I was shopping for a new can of Got2b Glued hairspray to fix a stubborn curl in my cosplay wig, I spotted something that would change my opinion on dry shampoo forever.

Got2b Rockin’ It.

Best. Dry shampoo. Ever.

It smells nice, it doesn’t go in thick, and it’s not chalky. I used it for a whole week and only on the very last day did I start to feel some chalkyness to it. I have a new favorite in dry shampoos and I don’t think I’ll be looking elsewhere again, at least not anytime soon.

Unless, of course, I can get my hands on what I hear is the best dry shampoo out there, Pssst!. But we’ll see if I ever manage to find it.

Until then, my top pick is now Got2b’s Rockin’ It dry shampoo.

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