Pretty Little Liars Review: Books 5-8 + Season 2 Feelings


So, continuing on from my previous post dealing with books 1-4 and season one of the Pretty Little Liars books and TV show, respectively, I’m going to give an overall review of the next four books and second season. Missed the first one? Read it here.

I’ll admit, starting these next four books up I was kind of lost on why there were so many more books in the series, I was only moving on to books five through eight and there were still, what, eight more to go from there? I do think the plot points were somewhat dragged out as I went along the books, but there were plenty of things to constantly keep me guessing as I read. For instance, I was certain Ian hadn’t killed Alison, and I was also a little skeptical on the idea of Melissa having done it (though she was my biggest suspect), but Alison having lived and Courtney being the one who was killed? What? Didn’t see that one coming.

Technically, didn’t see Courtney coming at all. When she first popped up in the story, I didn’t know what to make of her. But once she revealed to being Ali, my first thought was: no, this is still Courtney. She’s just pretending to be Ali, and Ali is really dead. The only thing that kept be from being certain about that was the psychic who had stated that “Ali killed Ali” when Emily had questioned her. Except she never actually said it, she just wrote a name down on paper. Without that, I never would have accepted that this “Courtney” was actually Ali, and that the one who had been killed was actually Courtney.

I could actually probably go on forever about that particular subject regarding Courtney and how there might actually be a few plot holes surrounding the whole thing, but I won’t because you’re not here to read a rant from an anal 20-something. Or maybe you are, I don’t know. For the sake of those who aren’t, I won’t press the issue and spit out a thousand words of babble.

One more thing, though. I can’t believe Shepard had Ali kill off Jenna. Especially after the guilty look she was apparently sporting at one point. I really hope that’s explained at some point and not left on its own, it’s going to drive me nuts for that plot hole to exist. Hell, the books themselves are driving me up the wall.

I will admit, though, that Heartless, book number 7, was probably the best installment in the entire series with the exception of the very first book. I don’t know how anyone would have been able to handle reading this series without having the next book readily available. I imagine great pain and frustration, and the ugly feeling you experience while you do your impatient waiting. You probably know what I’m talking about.

Moving on to something anticipated, but ultimately upsetting.

The girls are really getting on my nerves.

The previous four books, I adored them. I couldn’t choose a favorite, I enjoyed all of their stories. One Mona was killed off, though, they all just started going downhill and I found myself thinking they were getting nothing more than annoying and bratty as things continued on. They had their moments, but I was getting more and more frustrated as the chapters flowed. Maybe it was because I was watching the TV show along with reading, but I found the TV show adaptations of the characters much more appealing than the original book personalities. I was really starting to dread Emily’s chapters. She’s become my least favorite in the books, followed by Hanna. Which is amusing, considering Hanna continues to be my favorite character in the TV show.

Which brings me now to my feelings on the second season. While the books are going downhill for me, the TV show is just getting better and better. I love the changes their making from the book series (something I don’t think I’ve ever said before and was never expecting to admit about a book adaptation), and yes I still think the Caleb change is one of the best things they did. I really love him as a character and for Hanna.

I also still think the whole Jenna personality change is brilliant. She was killed off in the books and I feel like we could have gotten so much more from her, and I’m thrilled she’s being utilized in the TV show in the way she is. The same goes for Toby, I was really upset when he was killed up fairly unceremoniously. The fact he’s not only being used in the show but is a major romantic interest and plot character just makes me thrilled. I’m going to be pretty upset if they bring back Wren (again) and shove him between Spencer and Toby. Go away, Wren.

At the end of this season, A #1 was also finally revealed. Just like in the books, it was Mona. Unlike in the books, however, I was really, really sad to watch it end up still being her. I really enjoyed Mona’s TV character, and I’m really sad to see her go, even if the final episode was brilliant and exciting thanks to her suddenly turning all those tables (for those who had no idea it was coming, I mean). Nonetheless, I think I’ll still continue to really enjoy the TV series, even if the books are getting a little dry. I can’t wait to go onto the next. I need to see what happens now that Jenna has gotten partial eyesight back.

Until next time!

xoxo Nova

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