I Went to the Bookstore… Again…

… And here’s what I picked up!


I was pretty big on the paperbacks this time around, I only picked up one hardcover. You may have already seen some of these if you read my 15 Books I Want to Read in 2015, since some of them are featured in that post. The others here I’ll get around to reading eventually, just like I will the 200-some others on my TBR shelf. I know. Really. I need to stop. Anyway! Pictured here first is Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, with a beautiful purple cover. So often I pick my books for the cover alone (a terrible, terrible habit, I know, because sometimes the book isn’t as good as its cover), and man do I love purple and shiny fonts. And dragons. Dragons are cool.

Next is The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend, in the movie cover. Again, because I loved the colors. I’m a terrible sucker for pretty colors on covers. And finally in this picture is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. You had to have known it was coming eventually, if you didn’t already see it in my previous post. I was told I should watch the movie, too, and once I read it I will be sure to tackle the movie.


Next is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, the only hardcover I picked up this trip. Yes, I know it was ghost-written. I won’t say anything in this post on the matter, but if you want to know a slightly vague version of my opinion, you can go here to read about it. I still really want to read it, though. Hence why I purchased it. Underneath of the hardcover we have a paperback version of These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. I really like the cover of this one and I’m seriously hoping the next one keeps its cover when it comes out in paperback. I might just scream if they change it. They’re such pretty covers. Finally, we have Fox Forever by Mary E. Pearson, which will complete my collection of the Jenna Fox Chronicles (excluding the extras).

All will be added to my TBR jar and hopefully drawn once I actually get a chance to use the thing. Thanks for reading!

xoxo Nova

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|| Seraphina || The DUFF || Gone Girl ||
|| Girl Online || These Broken Stars || Fox Forever ||

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