February 2015 Wrap-Up

This wasn’t my best month, both for knocking out books on my TBR list and for staying to the list I had made for myself to follow. For the most part (if I can even really say that), I followed the list, but at the end I diverged for the sake of reading one more quick book and making my read-in-February list just a little longer. I’ll try to do better this upcoming month, but with my final semester in progress it’s proving really hard to find the drive and time to read when I’m busy with schoolwork. I’ll still try, though! Anyway, as small as it is, here’s the list of books I read in February:


Almost Girl

And that ends the list of books I’ve read this past month. Skimpy, I know, but having looked at the lists of others, they read about as much as me, so I don’t feel like I skimped out as much as I originally felt like I had. Now, onto the next month! Maybe this time I’ll read the ones I intended to read this month.

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