Bout of Books 13, Day 6 Challenge: Favorite Read Photo Challenge

Day 6 of Bout of Books is here and we are almost done! That went really fast for me, yet I feel like I got a lot done. I probably didn’t compared to others’ challenges, but in my eyes I did a fair amount. Today’s challenge can be found over at Once Upon a Chapter and it is going to be tricky for me since I am not home and therefore do not have all of the books I read for this at hand. However, I do have my favorite book that I’ve read (so far, both in the sense of the progression of actually reading the book and so far in the sense that I might be able to knock more books out as I go), but I don’t have its dust jacket. I’ll have to make due.

The book I’m going to be using is Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story by Adam Rex.


Not finished with it quite yet, but it’s a really funny read and an interesting perspective on vampirism. It doesn’t have the highest ratings on Goodreads but I’m not letting that cloud my judgement, since it doesn’t seem like that bad of a book. Maybe the dip in quality comes at the end? I guess I’ll find out.

That’s all for this challenge. Thanks for reading!

xoxo Nova, who is literally falling asleep at her computer. Oops.

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