Metrocon 2015 Goodie Haul!

So, this past weekend I was at Metrocon 2015 in Tampa, Florida! Since I didn’t end up doing a haul for my last con, Animazement, I figured I’d make up for it and do one for this convention, since I ended up picking up some super cute items this time around. Links to each respective artist/manufacturer will be included, so if you see something you want, try giving them a click! You might be able to snag yourself a copy!

Onto the goodies!

First up are these adorable crabapple items by Inki-Drop. They had the most adorable merchandise at this booth, I couldn’t have resisted the pull if I had even actually tried. I picked up the plushie version and the phone charm version of their crabapple character, due to the fact I hold crabs and apples very close to my heart (Davekat 4 lyfe). And then I bought a pencil pouch depicting my Teen Wolf BrOTP (slash OTP but honestly I also adore Stydia so give me any Sterek interaction period and I’m a happy camper, they have the best interactions), designed by one of my absolute favorite artists, Tifany Gonzalez.


Next up are a couple necklaces I picked up, because I adore necklaces to a fault. The first lovely one has this awesome bird skull charm, and I picked this up from a booth by Cheryl Howell at iamsonotcool. The other adorable pink one that’s a little bleached out by the light is a pink mochi clay necklace with a bite in it, showing the white insides! I LOVED this one, you can’t see it in the picture, but it’s glittery. I got this one from a booth by Melody’s Maid Cafe.


Next, I got an Elsa bookmark (because I collect bookmarks!) from Wondering-Souls, and an Espeon sticker from… a place that I lost the card from. I’m sorry! There were so many booths I visited… The last two phone charms are from an absolutely adorable company called Peach Seas. I got a lot of phone charms this time around. I’ll have to figure out what to do about it.

And, finally, I got two wristbands depicting my Hogwarts house and one of my favorite quotes: Gryffindor and “Not all those who wander are lost”, respectively. They are both from Midnight House Elves. The one with the quote, the green one, glitters gold on the text! It’s a really pretty effect that couldn’t be captured on the camera properly.

The final part of this haul is one of my favorite parts, and that’s the makeup I purchased from Surreal Makeup. This was my second time purchasing makeup from them, I had first found them at Animazement and they were so sweet and had such beautiful shades of eye shadow (seriously, the picture I took doesn’t even remotely do it justice, they’re gorgeous shades) that I just had to go back for more. I only picked up two this time, a red tint called Torch and a white with blue and purple shimmer called Mermaid, but they had so many amazing colors that I know I’ll be back again the next time I see them. I also picked up a really pretty lip gloss called Evil Queen, which looks black, but actually is a deep blue that changes into greens and purples as you move through the light. Seriously, their products are amazing. If you ever have a chance to stop by their booth at a convention, I cannot recommend it enough, if only to get a taste of how amazing these shadow colors are. They’re so friendly, too!

Aaand thus concludes my Metrocon 2015 goodie haul! I may continue to do these, as I frequent anime and comic conventions quite a lot and have a small problem of not being able to control myself around the booths, so stick around and you may see more!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Nova

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