Tea Review | Teen Wolf Insipired Teas, Sour Wolf and Snark Nerdy to Me by Meg Daunting

So, I love tea. I also love Teen Wolf. You know what else I love? Things by Dauntless, or Meg Daunting on Adagio Tea. I see her often at the cons I go to, and her artwork is something else. I was STOKED to learn she had created her own tea blends and put them up on Adagio, and, after ordering my second round of samplers (because it takes me a while to get through teas and I can never pick which I like best), I’ve decided to give a review on them!

This first part will be a review on the first two teas in the set of six, to save this post from being super long. The two I will be reviewing, as you can see by the title, are Sour Wolf and Snark Nerdy to me, which are Derek and Stiles’ blends respectfully.

Sour Wolf

First will be Sour Wolf, which, like the image says, is a blend of rooibas vanilla, cinnamon, apple pieces, and other various accent flavors such as cinnamon bark and black tea mixed in. This tea was blended by Daunt for the character Derek Hale. Because I drank this one iced, I used a teaspoon and a half and brewed it for 5 minutes.

Next, I’ll be starting this part off by saying that this is in no way a sour blend! It’s actually very sweet and refreshing! I’m not huge on teas with cinnamon in them, but this wasn’t overpowering despite the abundance of the spice, and the vanilla and apple offset it very well, and the fact it was a rooibos tea kept it from having that tang that I often associate with pure black and green teas, which was a good thing. I didn’t drink this one with any milk, but I may give it a go the next time I brew this tea. It would be a perfect autumn tea, too bad Florida doesn’t really have seasons. If you have that season, give this one a try!

Snark Nerdy to Me

The second tea for this post is Stile’s blend, Snark Nerdy to Me, which is a green tea with rhubarb, hibiscus flowers, strawberries, and other delicious accents that you can check out on the page! There’s a lot of them so I won’t list them all.

Don’t let the small size of the leaves in this one fool you, they expand like MAD once they hit hot water. Snark Nerdy to Me, while being my favorite name out of all of them, might also possibly be my favorite tea of the entire set. That may be because I have a slight obsession with rhubarb green tea, but the flavor on this one is just so good. Especially iced. You can taste the green well and the sweet tang of the rhubarb, and a little bit of flower from the hibiscus that’s actually somewhat lost when iced. (Or, it was for me. I can’t taste floral very well cold, maybe you can.) The black that was mixed in also gives it a little bit of boost that you don’t see a whole lot in greens, and the fruit did nothing but benefit the taste all the way. It’s the most refreshing of the teas that I’ve tasted so far, and definitely a perfect match for the sweltering weather outside here in Florida. If you’re looking for a summer tea to drink down now, this is the one I suggest.

And those are my reviews of the first two teas in Meg Dauntless’ Teen Wolf Fandom sampler. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the rest!

xoxo Nova

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