Tea Review | Teen Wolf Inspired Teas, Sugar Puppy and Goal Steeper by Meg Daunting

Continuing on from my previous review of this tea series, this will be part 2 of the Teen Wolf tea reviews (or, at least, of the ones blended by Meg Daunting), and will cover the next two teas out of the six: Sugar Puppy and Goal Steeper, which are Scott’s and Danny’s special blends. Ready? Onward!

Sugar Puppy

So, first on this part two of three review, like the name suggests, is Sugar Puppy, which is the absolutely adorable and beyond fitting name for Scott McCall’s tea blend. Like the picture suggests, it really is a delicious blend of vanilla oolong, caramel, rooibos, and chocolate chips. Like sweet teas? Well, here you go.

This was a very sweet blend before I had even bothered to add any sugar to it. I had never had chocolate in my oolong before, but surprise! I actually love the combined taste a lot, they compliment each other very well and result in a really nice, gentle flavor. The caramel rooibos made it even better, and the vanilla stood out more than I had been expecting, but that wasn’t a bad thing! I didn’t try it with milk, but I think I should have, this tea is very dessert-like and, with milk, I bet it would taste like a really good dessert drink! I did add a little sugar to my cup, though, and mmm that was a good idea. I really liked this blend. I’m pretty sure it became my favorite of the six. Pretty sure, anyway.

Goal Steeper

Moving right along, next is the blend made for Danny Mahealani, and it’s called Goal Steeper. It was a much spicer hit than Sugar Puppy had been, and they aren’t kidding around with that chai that’s listed up there. Be ready for the kick packed in this one, Danny ain’t effng around and neither is his tea.

How did I feel about this one? Woo, like I said, this one is spicy! When they say chai, they mean chai. I drank it iced, like I do most of my teas, but I have a feeling this one would be ultimately fantastic as a warm drink, sipped on a chilly day with a good book at your side. Not a summer tea at all, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I couldn’t really taste the coconut or the cocoa nibs myself, but I think it was because I was so overpowered myself by the chai flavor. When I give it another go, I’m going to let it stay hot and see if that makes things better for me or not. I’m not much of a chai person in the first place. Maybe I should also wait for that one week of cold weather we get in Florida. Not sure if I want to wait that long.

If you love chai tea though, I highly suggest you give this one a go. You may absolutely love it!

(If you’ve had any of these teas, or any tea blend by Meg Daunting, let me know! I always need more tea suggestions and opinions.)

And those are my reviews for this part! Stay tuned for part three, coming… eventually.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Nova, who can’t remember what the tags for this are fml

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