LUSH Haul & First Impressions #1

The nearest LUSH store for me is two hours away at the closest, so when I go I tend to pick up a menagerie of things to try out. This time I managed to nab a couple bath bombs, a shampoo and a conditioner bar, dusting powder, and toothpaste tabs to give a go. I tried them all, and here’s what I thought:

1.Β Twilight


First up is the Twilight bath bomb, which smelled really good. Usually I don’t like the scent of lavender (which, according to the website, this is supposed to smell like), but either this was a different scent of lavender than what I was used to or it wasn’t really lavender, because I loved it. The featured ingredient for this one is, surprise, lavender, and when it melts it turns into a purple-y pink and blue swirl. It doesn’t change the color of the water very much, which was fine by me, but there IS a spatter of glitter in this one, so you’ll leave the tub with a faint sheen of sparkle to you. Overall, I liked this one a lot! Not the most active of bath bombs, but I think that’s okay.

2. Dragon’s Egg


The second bath bomb I got was the Dragon’s Egg, which was my favorite of the two bombs that I picked up if we’re going by scent. I didn’t like the color of this one as much, as it breaks open into orange as it melts and turns the water the same color, but it was pretty to look at. The featured ingredient for this one is lemon oil, which I supposed is what made my skin feel so nice. Both bombs were great on my skin, but I think this one was a little better. My only complaint is the confetti, which doesn’t dissolve fully and is kind of a pain to clean if it dries on your tub. The popping was cool, though!

3. Seanik


Next up is the shampoo bar I picked up, Seanik. Not overly fond of the smell of this one but I had picked it up because I was told it was the best to get if you were getting used to solid shampoos and didn’t know which you wanted, as it’s the most popular. Despite the iffy smell (I just prefer fruity smells, is all), I love this thing. The learning curve is minimal, you literally only have to get the bar wet and drag it along your hair a few times, and the payoff is really nice. I prefer this over liquid soap by far, and will definitely be picking up another once this one runs out. When that’ll be, I don’t know, as I’ve used it about 15 times so far and it’s barely dwindled from its original size. Probably my favorite thing out of the whole haul! If you have one you like better, let me know, I want to try a different one the next time I go.

4. Jungle


To go along with my shampoo bar, I also picked up a conditioner bar, Jungle. Though I much preferred the scent of this one, I had a lot more trouble getting this one to work. I have very dry, fine, curly hair (which has been processed by bleach and wild colors a couple of times), and getting this bar to condition my hair enough was hard. I may have managed it twice in all of the times I used it, but I may possibly be doing it all wrong. I’m not sure. I use it like I do the shampoo bar. Is that wrong? Either way, not my favorite, and once it’s gone I will not be picking up another.

5. Silky Underwear

I bought this stuff to combat the horror that is Florida summer-induced chub rub, and I have never been so happy with this solution. Like many people, wearing shorts that are just a little too short or a skirt or dress with nothing long enough under it is a nightmare in the heat of a summer, but slapping on some of this dusting powder was my saving grace. I liked it so much that I even put it on the sides of my elbows, because they sometimes rub against my shirt and get irritated. It works like a charm and smells really nice, and I really, really want to get their First Snow version because, hello, glitter. Hopefully I can get back there before they stop selling it.

6. Breath of God


And the final thing I got for this haul is definitely the weirdest for me, and that is the Breath of God toothpaste tabs. The fact they’re solid isn’t the weird part for me, the weirdest part is the taste. I love the smell of sandalwood, but the taste? Not so much. They foam up like a dream though and are a way better solution than those tiny tubes of toothpaste you have to take when you travel, so if you can get past the whole gross taste part, they’re definitely worth looking into. My sister bought the Atomic ones, so maybe I’ll give those a try sometime, too.

And that was my LUSH haul! If you have any recommendations for the next one I do (because I will do another, at some point, some day), let me know if the comments! I really want to try more things, they’re very different than the things I’m used to.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Nova

6 thoughts on “LUSH Haul & First Impressions #1

    1. There are very, very few of them in Florida, so I’m not surprised! I used to have to do all of my shopping for the products back when I was in Virginia. They’re getting more of them, but they’re pretty hard to find. Good luck!

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    1. There are very, very few of them in Florida, so I’m not surprised! I used to have to do all of my shopping for the products back when I was in Virginia. They’re getting more of them, but they’re pretty hard to find. Good luck!

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