Axent Wear | Unboxing & First Impressions

So, as you can see by the thumbnail, I got an awesome new toy in the mail this week! I had been waiting for these babies since I first backed them about a year ago (over a year ago, actually), and, man, the excitement for these was so real. I had first craved a pair of these back when Yuumei, the designer, had created concept art for them on a website called DeviantArt, before the idea of making them real was even around. She may have had the idea in her mind, but as far as I was aware, she hadn’t thought about actually doing it. (This was years and years ago, mind you.) I remember her buying the patent for them, too.

Fast forward to now and — they’re a thing! You can buy them! (There will be a link for that in the actual post, continue on if you’re interested!)

First, we’ll start this off with the unboxing:


Needles to say, the packaging was gorgeous. The art alone was so nice that I’m keeping my box on the top of my bookshelves next to my Game of Thrones and Elder Scrolls paraphernalia until I can figure out where to put it to show it off better. I’m not sure if this is the same packaging they’ll be using for purchases made through Brookstone, but this is what you got if you backed through Indiegogo.

We had been told that, due to the extent that it took to actually get the backers their headphones (it took an entire year), we would be getting a carrying case included in our purchase. Whether this is also a feature you get when you buy from Brookstone, I’m not sure, but I have a feeling you will also get the carrying case regardless of if you’re a backer or not. It’s a pretty damn nice carrying case, I will say that! I also really like the look and feel of the remote on the AUX cable that comes with them. The buttons are easy to click and there’s ribbing on the piece so you don’t slip around while trying to change your volume or pause your song.


Now, I’m not used to over-the-ear headphones in the slightest, my go-to headphones are on-the-ear and much slimmer than these, so when I say they feel a little bulky, that’s probably because I’m not used to the type! Possibly. I’d ask someone who’s more used to it.

They’re also a little heavy, but honestly? The padding around ears and headband feels awesome. It’s soft and plush and, despite living in Florida, hasn’t caused a lot of ear-sweating to happen during my 30-minute test run of these. I’ve had worse with lighter headphones, so I’m overall happy with the design they chose to go for with these.

That being said, they’re a little awkward with movement. They swivel around a little too well, if you know what I mean. I’m sure I’ll be able to get used to it, but I’ve never had a pair of headphones that allowed so much movement with the design, so at this moment in time it’s throwing me off.

Now, sound quality. Again, I’m not used to over-the-ear headphones, and all I have to compare them to are my Monster DNA headphones (which I feel have an incredible quality of sound to them). I also can’t really compare the two, due to price. My Monster DNA headphones cost about $100 more, so the fact they sound better can’t really be something to go buy. I’m no expert, I barely know what I’m talking about, BUT as an armature I say you can’t totally compare them. They are, however, all I have to go by.

I think the sound isn’t too bad! Pretty damn good, actually. The sound leak is minimal, though more than I’m comfortable with since I hate it when people can hear what I’m listening to. But otherwise, they’re really nice!

The speaker quality is pretty damn good, too. I haven’t had a chance to test them in anything other than my house, but I think they hold up well. The lights, too, are nice. The overall look of them is downright banging, and I love it.


If you’d like to purchase your own pair, Brookstone is selling them on their website for $150. I hear they may also be selling them in-store? Don’t quote me on that.

As for the headphones, I’ll be having a lot of fun using them.

Personally, I think they’ll look great with my casual Rose Lalonde cosplay.

|| Purchase from Brookstone ||

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