November 2015 Wrap-Up

This month I read seven books. Seven. I’m blowing my own mind right now, it’s been years since I’ve read that many.

Holy crap, here’s the wrap-up for this month.


The first book I read this month was The Merciless by Danielle Vega. I intended to read this for the month of Halloween (and, after reading it, really wish I had), but I had run out of time and read it a couple days after the holiday had passed instead. This was such a weird and creepy book, and I won’t be saying too much about it here, but if you want to read more about what I thought, I did a review on it that can be found here.

The next two books I read were part of a series, The Jenna Fox Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson. Again, I won’t say a whole lot about these since I will be doing a review on the series as a whole later on, but they were really interesting!


The book I read next was The Accident Season by Moïra Fowley-Doyle (yes, I copied her name from Goodreads because I can’t do the umlaut on my keyboard), and I was… mixed about this one. I only gave it three stars because, while it wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t anything like what I thought it was going to be about. It wasn’t fantastical enough for me and read too close to contemporary for me to really enjoy it fully, not when I had been excited for something closer to fiction.


Fifth on my read list is Glass Houses by Rachel Caine, which I also gave three stars. I’m much more intrigued by this series, despite the fact I gave it three stars. While this first book might not quite have done it for me enough to warrent a fourth star (though, it did come close), I do plan on continuing this series into the new year. My library has all of them on ebook, so there’s nothing stopping me from doing so.


The next book I managed to knock out is Seriously Wicked by Tina Connolly. I powered through this one in about a day and a half, so it’s a pretty fast read, but if you want details on what I thought of it, you’ll have to stay tuned for the review that’ll be coming. 😉


Seventh (SEVENTH!) on the list of books I read this month is possibly my favorite read of the whole month, and that is A Death-Struck Year by Makiia Lucier. This is a historical fiction novel about the Spanish Influenza outbreak of 1918, and it’s exactly the kind of historical fiction novel that I can’t get enough of. This one will also be getting a review at some point, so if you’re interested in knowing what I thought of it, please stick around! If you don’t plan on reading the review but are interested in the book or like historical fiction, I highly suggest this book.

And that’s all for this wrap-up! Since I only need to read two more books this year, I’ll probably get them knocked out in between a reading marathon I plan on doing with my friend during December. You’ll find out in a few days what that marathon is! It shouldn’t be too surprising, honestly.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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The Merciless || The Jenna Fox Chronicles || The Accident Season

Glass Houses || Seriously Wicked || A Death-Struck Year

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