Bout of Books 15 | Day One | #insixwords

Day one of Bout of Books is here and… I’ve already completed one book. Sweet, right? Will I keep this up or crash hard after this second book? We’ll see! I really hope it’s the former, but hey. I’m no super reader. (Super power of choice, tho. Ngl.)

Anyway, today’s challenge is the #insixwords challenge, of which I actually posted on my Twitter quite a few hours ago! I was up all night reading, what can I say. Now, to gulp down the rest of my Starbucks doubleshot and try not to give into the enticing allure of my pillow.

I got this. Maybe.

Are you participating in Bout of Books 15? What were your six words? Let me know, please! (Links to Twitter/Instagram/etc. post work just fine, too. I’m just hella curious what everyone else put.)

Thanks for reading! Back into the pages I go…

You can check my Twitter or Goodreads if you’re interested in watching my progess or see what books I’m reading! Feel free to friend me, too.


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