Bout of Books 15 | Day Five | Scavenger Hunt

Absolutely no reading was had today, but I’m going to rectify that as soon as I finish writing this. Emergencies left and right kept me from being able to focus, combined with worry over a sick pet just making it worse. I promise to finish The Alchemist and start another book for this Bout of Books in the very least, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do much more than that. I tried!

Today’s challenge is by The Book Monsters and it’s a scavenger hunt! My pictures aren’t quality since it’s so late in the day, but I still did it anyway!

1. Book Shelves


Sorry for the mess, I had to stand all the way in the back of my room in order to get them in one shot. I clearly need at least double the bookshelves, but I don’t have the room for them at the moment.

2. A book you’re planning to read/currently reading for Bout of Books


I plan on reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern next, even though it’s not on my quick list I made for Bout of Books. I need something I’m more interested in, and interest for the final book in that list has waned since I last decided what I wanted to read.

3. A Book and a Beverage


I know this isn’t a book I’m reading for Bout of Books, but I couldn’t help myself. I love this book and its cover, and it’s so pretty. (That’s hazelnut cookie tea in the cup, btw.)

4. Blue Books


Pictured are not all of the blue books I own, but I didn’t want to put that many books in the shot, so I chose the bluest ones for this.

5. Cozy Reading Spot


I tend to do most of my reading while I’m relaxing in bed at the end of the day, so this would have to be the coziest reading spot! The other one is in my local Starbucks, but I don’t think they’d be thrilled if I came in just to take a pic of that little corner. Especially since they know me by name there. Awkward.

And that is the scavenger hunt challenge! That was a lot of fun, even though I managed to nab them all in about 15 minutes. I’d love to do that one again!

Thanks for reading!


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