Bout of Books | Days Six & Seven | Comfy Reading Spot & Free Day!

I’m now a little behind and I apologize. As if this week weren’t absolutely wild enough, the first tornado I’ve ever had in my area in my time living here (almost 11 years now) touched down the neighborhood over from mine while I was at Sam’s Club last night. Needless to say, I was a little busy once I got home, and totally forgot about anything relating to Bout of Books posts for a little while. Thankfully, no one was badly hurt.

But, now I’m writing it out, and yesterday’s challenge was The Comfy Reading Spot Challenge by Once Upon a Chapter!

I’ll be using the same picture I had for the previous challenge’s scavenger hunt, since I haven’t managed to get to the Starbucks yet!


I’m sitting in it now as I write this. It’s a good spot!

Anyway, since today’s also a  free day, that’s all there is to this post! I’ll get my wrap-up done tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


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