Lush American Cream Conditioner | (Honest) Review

(Honest meaning I don’t work for Lush, nor am I sponsored or given free things or whatever. I just buy the things and use them on my own time and money.)

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First thing’s first, let’s talk about my hair. I have thick, fine, curly light brown hair that was white as anything for the first five years of my life before it started to turn darker. It frizzes a lot and some days, back when I wore it long, I’d look like I was ready for a 70’s disco photo shoot with the way my hair poofed out. Today, my hair is in a pixie cut, bleached to heck, and sporting various unnatural colors (though, that is changing, I’m currently in the process of growing it out), so it tends to be pretty damn dry.

How did this conditioner work for my hair?

Well. I was surprised at first at how much I had to use. With regular conditioner, I can usually guess the amount I’ll need, even if my hair is having a super dry day, and not need to go back to the bottle for more. With this conditioner, I had to go back twice. I’m not sure if it’s the formula or the way my hair reacts to it (I’m assuming the former, because I’ve heard other people getting the same results), but my hair soaked this stuff up like nobody’s business. I don’t like to risk under-conditioning my hair for obvious reasons (breakage on bleached hair is a BEEYOTCH), so I made sure my hair was super saturated with the stuff each time I used it.

I ended up really liking the results it gave me. My hair wasn’t fantastic, as this isn’t a deep conditioner, but it definitely did the job I wanted it to do when I purchased it. I definitely like this so much more than Lush’s bar conditioners, but I will admit I prefer the smells of most of the bar conditioners over this one. I liked the scent enough most times I used it, but it has too much of a musky scent to it to smell like strawberries or vanilla to me. I wouldn’t complain if they changed that.

Overall, I did enjoy this conditioner (I’m still using it, despite having had it for … five months? Something like that.) and I plan on repurchasing it as soon as I need to, for the days in-between my deep conditioning days. I find it works particularly well after doing a coconut oil mask, and doesn’t weigh down my hair in the slightest like some other conditioners will after the treatment.

If you have hair like mine, I’d suggest giving it a go! It’s not a holy grail of conditioners, but it’s definitely got something different in it going on.

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