TBR Takedown Wrap-Up

Man, I really didn’t do well with this readathon, but not for lack of trying! Honestly. I knew Friday wasn’t going to go well because I had work and then the gym, followed by crashing because I work with children and that combined with the workout I get at the gym always knocks me out cold early. What I hadn’t planned on was sleeping for 15 hours during that crash. That totally threw me off. Thank you allergies!

Turns out, our two bottlebrush trees, something I’m super, super allergic to, are now in full bloom, and it’s causing me to be obnoxiously exhausted at all times of the day despite my medications. So … that’s where my reading time went! I got some reading done, but I definitely did terrible on my goal.

That being said, here’s what I did read:

Altered: 120 pages read

Me Talk Pretty One Day: 200 pages read

In total: 220 pages read; 0 books completed.

I am insanely unhappy with this, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I’m going to try much harder with Genrethon, which is going on right now. Wish me luck!


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