Bout of Books 16 | Day Two | Show Off Your Shelves

Aaaugh, I’m not doing so hot to start off. I’m somewhat making up for it today, but ugh. Is there a reading slump in my future? Are these the warning signs?

I guess time will tell.



Today’s challenge is to show off your shelves! I haven’t reorganized my shelves recently, so they technically look pretty much exactly the same (even after the book purge, which just means I seriously need some more shelves), but I took part anyway.


Still totally double-stacked on the right there, still a hot mess and a half. I really need to slot in some reorganization time, even though I’m moving in a couple months.

I probably never will. Meh.

So, yesterday’s progress!

All the Light We Cannot See: 155 pages read; completed.

The Glass Castle: 22 pages read.

Total: 177/1500 pages read; 1 book completed.

I’m not doing any better today, but it’s only 3 pm! I have time! I’m going to try to at least finish The Glass Castle today, but my attention span is really crap.

We’ll see what I manage in tomorrow’s post. Thanks for reading!


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