Bout of Books 16 | Day Five | Friday the 13th?

Only two days left (not including today) in the readathon? That went fast…

Today’s challenge is to take a scary photo for the Freaky Friday Photo Challenge, in honor of Friday the 13th, and, unfortunately, I can’t take a good enough one to complete this challenge to my satisfaction. It’s hard to do in Florida when it’s sunny and 91* outside, okay.

So, instead, today will just be a progress report, of which is scary in itself because of how bad it is.

(I started over Omega Ruby and played that instead of reading, and when I did read, I did so very slowly. I can’t help, Their Fractured Light requires a lot of attention, and I don’t want to miss any details.)

Yesterday’s Progress:

Their Fractured Light: 114 pages read.

Total: 776/1500 pages read; 3 books completed.

I did also finish listening to the Pride & Prejudice & Zombies audiobook, but I won’t be counting that for the readathon since I wasn’t keeping track of how much I listened to since Monday.

And, because I’m reading Their Fractured Light so slow, I decided to pick up what looks to be a faster read, Jackaby by William Ritter. I’ll swap back when I’m not trying to desperately meet reading goals.

Thanks for reading!


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