Bout of Books 16 | Day Six | Favorite Book Moments

One day left after today! I’m already ready for the next one.

Today’s challenge is to talk about your favorite book moments, but I honestly don’t want to spoil the moments of my favorite books because they are massive spoilers for those who haven’t read the books, so I will be skipping this one in favor of reading more to help my progress/queuing up a bunch of stuff for next week.

Speaking of, because I have so many things in my drafts at the moment, and I unsure if they’ll transfer correctly to my new domain (spoiler alert, I’m switching to self-hosted next month with a new domain), so I’m publishing a good amount of them in the coming weeks. If you’re not following me, this might either be the best or the worst time to do so, depending on how much content you like to see in a week.

Anyway, more on that later this month. For now, I’ll just type up my progress.

Yesterday’s progress:

Jackaby: 251 pages read.

Total progress: 1027/1500 pages read; 3 books complete.

As you can see, I might actually meet my reading goals for this readathon, for once. I did, however, totally stray from my intended TBR (oops), which I’m not surprised about in the least. I always rebel against myself when it comes to planned reading.

Thanks for reading!


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