Bout of Books 16 Wrap-Up

That went really fast, and I don’t know if it was because I was actually doing a decent time reading, or the week really was just going fast.

I’m so ready for BoB 17. Or another readathon. I need to find another to participate in for this month, but I’m having some difficulty in that area.

Anyway, goals and then the week’s progress.

My goals for this Bout of Books were as follows:

  • Finish the books (there were 5 physical books on my TBR, so we’ll just say this was to read 5 books)
  • Read 1,500 pages
  • Do the challenges

And, my progress, by day:


All the Light We Cannot See: 155 pages read; completed.

The Glass Castle: 22 pages read.


The Glass Castle: 133 pages read; completed.


Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda: 303 pages read; completed.

Their Fractured Light: 49 pages read.


Their Fractured Light: 114 pages read.


Jackaby: 251 pages read.


Jackaby: 48 pages read; completed.

Beastly Bones: 173 pages read.


Beastly Bones: 131 pages read; completed.

The Selection: 183 pages read.


1562/1500 pages read; 5 books completed.

So, that means I got two out of my three goals completed, because I didn’t end up completing all of the challenges. I’d still call that a relative success! It’s making a pretty nice dent in my reading goal. I’m even thinking about bumping it up at this point, with everything I’m managing to read.

Anyway, that’s my wrap-up! Fantastic readathon, I can’t wait for the next one.


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