June 2016 TBR

I’ve decided to start doing these again in an attempt to better focus my scattered reading pattern, but it’s likely I won’t end up following this to a T. I’ll definitely try, though!

I’m also not going to make this anything elaborate, since it’s going to be more of a simple guideline for myself than anything. Sound good? Awesome.

I’m not going to list too many, despite my previous reading accomplishments, just in case I slump.

Book to be Read

Novellas to be Read


So that’s 6 books and … I’m not sure how many novellas, since the bind-up throws me off. Regardless, I think I’ll manage to get all these done this month, and them maybe some extra. Possibly even the three books I’ve had on my currently-reading for, like, ever.


Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “June 2016 TBR

    1. I’ve read it before and it’s kind of an iffy book on likability, but I’d still give it a go since you might like it! I want to finish the duology so I can cross if off of my unfinished series list.

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