#tometopple | Wrap-Up

I’m weirdly exhausted from my allergies, so let’s just get right into this.

I did not do the best with this readathon, the tomes were not as toppled as I had hoped they would be by the time I finished. I blame my reluctance to read big books in favor of smaller books that I have piling up.

Here were the goals, taken from my TBR post:

  1. Read more than one 500+ page book. (kind of)
  2. Take graphic novel breaks. (For this one, I might instead take novella breaks, since I read Marvel Unlimited constantly anyway and don’t really consider this one a challenge.)
  3. Read a book that is part of a series.
  4. Read over 500 pages in one week.
  5. Read a 500+ page adult novel.

And then … my TBR.

I obviously failed that. I ended up reading Doomed by Tracy Deebs as my other tome, even though it’s actually 20 pages short of 500. I tried, okay. Here’s what I did read:

Day 1: 26 pages of Bitterblue
Day 2: 79
Day 3: 0 (I was reading Pale Highway)
Day 4: 76
Day 5: 95
Day 6: 125
Day 7: 163 – Finished Bitterblue and completed the 500 in a week challenge + the book that’s part of a series challenge

And then, I broke the challenge by reading smaller books instead of novellas/comics …

Day 8: 0 (was reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes)
Day 9: 0 (finished MBY; started and finished We Were Liars by E. Lockhart)
Day 10: 0 (started The Crown by Kiera Cass)
Day 11: 0 (finished TC)
Day 12: 190 of Doomed
Say 13: 54
Day 14: 236 – Finished Doomed

So, I definitely ended up reading a lot, it just didn’t go quite the way the readathon was supposed to go.

Oh well, I attempted at it. Maybe next time I’ll nail it.

Thanks for reading!

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