Animazement 2016 // Super Late Post!

I know, I know. It happened forever ago. I’m super late. Why am I even writing this?

New blog, that’s why. I didn’t feel like posting it on another medium, so I put it off until now. Besides, it’s a lot of work.

Here we go.

The Con

It was so much fun, like it always is. Animazement is, by far, my favorite con to go to every year and this year was no exception. We were missing a member of our usual cosplay group (there are usually four of us, but one couldn’t make it this year 😦 ), but we lived on in her spirit.

It also went too fast, which is always the most heartbreaking part of con-going. I swear (and this may be because we slept so little) that the three days were crammed into one and a half and I got cheated out of my other day and a half of activities. I already can’t wait until next year, even though I’ll be meeting up with my group again come Nekocon.

Something about it just isn’t the same. Nonetheless, it was an absolute blast, even with the trouble my biggest cosplay gave me. Which brings me to …

The Cosplays

This year I had two major cosplays lined up — Frisk from Undertale, and Luka from Vocaloid, the version from Sandplay Singing of the Dragon. Unoriginal on both counts, I know, but I’ve always wanted to cosplay that version of Luka! As for Frisk, my group wanted to cosplay Undertale, and group cosplays are always more fun, so I went along as their token Frisk.

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Frisk // Undertale

♥ Wig: Arda’s Jane in (CL-072) Light Brown; straightened and trimmed. [link]
♥ Sweater: Knit in a tube style with RedHeart Baby Hugs in Bluie and Happy. [link]
♥ Shorts/Boots (not pictured): Already owned for years, I think they’re actually thrifted.
♥ Makeup: just your average foundation/concealer/setting powder with brown eyeliner/mascara and a heavy helping of brow filling-in, which was done with eye shadow.

The wig was actually my Max (Life is Strange) wig, which you can tell really easily, but I wasn’t sure if we’d be cosplaying this again, so I didn’t want to buy a new one when I had a short brown bob wig on hand already. I didn’t have any colored contacts for this one or anything, it was just a super simple cosplay. If I do it again, I’ll probably actually wear my binder and throw on some nude lipstick to hide my lip line and make it just a little more androgynous.

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Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Luka // Vocaloid

♥ Wig: I honestly don’t know, I bought it five or six years ago at a convention and can’t figure out the brand. I had ordered a more canon one from Arda, but it was backordered, so I fell back onto this one. The new one will be used from here on out, so say goodbye to this wig.
♥ Contacts: Super Pinky Blue [link]
♥ Makeup: Everyday makeup with black eyeliner/mascara and falsies that I will not endorse because they were super uncomfortable and I can do better. Some highlighter on the cheekbones. White eye shadow caked onto my eyebrows, followed by a light pink, but I think next time I’ll try to use a white pen liner of some sort before the shadow. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the brands for most of the stuff I used, because it was Eva’s (Gakupo/Mettaton) stuff I mostly binged off of.
♥ Cosplay: I hand-made all of it, and in order to go over all those details, I’d have to make a separate post because wow there were a lot of pieces. That will come after I’ve altered a few things that didn’t work out for this debut, so stick around if that interests you!

I had also brought along my Godtier Rose (Homestuck) cosplay, but I ended up not wearing her at all. She’s always my backup, but sometimes I just don’t feel like somewhat freezing my bits off in the chilly AC.

I live in Florida, sue me for getting cold easily.

The Loot

I did get a few things, and my friends and I always do a gift-swap of sorts.


♥ Pusheen blind box keychain (I got a pink one — I was thrilled. Figures Mel would pick a lucky one for me.)
♥ Cat ear headband
♥ Peaches pillow (are you sensing the theme?)
♥ Eeveelution lanyard
♥ Mirai/Akihito print (from my favorite anime, Kyokai no Kanata/Beyond the Boundary)

Rachel and Jun!

Also — I met Rachel and Jun! They were in the Artist’s Alley when I spotted them and I asked them for a pic. I didn’t stay to talk since I felt bad stopping them during their chance to wander (in fact, I kind of thanked them quickly and scurried away, I hope I didn’t come off as rude), but they were super nice about taking the picture with me! Rachel even apologized for having her coffee in the shot. So cool, though.

The End — Onto the Next Con!

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