Lush Stuff // Butterball, Sakura, Intergalactic, Green, Hands of Friendship

Like so many other people out there, I’m a big Lush fan and can’t get enough of their products. Also like many other people, I have favorites and I have the ones I don’t like so much, so I pick up different things and give them a go before deciding if I want to reach for it again the next time I’m shopping.

I don’t live very close to a Lush (closest one currently is about a two-hour drive), and I don’t like to mail-order simply because half the fun is going into the store and smelling everything (though, in a pinch, I will buy my conditioner off the website), so when I do go, I tend to pick up mostly new things so I can try them.

This time around (though this is a little late), I picked up some different bath bombs, a bubbleroon, and a soap. Here are my thoughts:


Mostly just wish this one was bigger. I had no idea what the globs of yellow were at first, so when they came secreting out of my bath bomb, I was mildly alarmed and slightly grossed out until they melted. They ended up being bits of cocoa butter, which I actually really enjoyed because they made my skin feel super nice. It was just so tiny! I wish it came in a bigger bath bomb like the others.


Kind of neutral on this one. It doesn’t have any color to it, which I’m sure is a plus for some people, but with Lush bath bombs, I’m all about the show if I’m going to be paying the price I’m paying. I wasn’t 200% on the smell either. It was a nice smell, nothing horrible, but possibly just not strong enough for me. (I may have been having an off day in the smell department, so I will give that a little benefit of the doubt. My allergies are atrocious.) As for how it makes my skin feel — pretty nice! Not as smooth as the butterball, and definitely not glittery like the amazing Frozen bathbomb (there is glitter, just not a whole lot), but all Lush bombs seem to have something in them that makes sure you leave the bath with at least some nicely soft skin. Not complaining!


This one was SO PRETTY. I absolutely loved the colors of this one and the way my bath water was changed to a deep blue with a buttload of sparkles. So many sparkles. So pretty. I was meh on the scent for this one, because I’m not the biggest fan of woodsy musky scents, but I would definitely consider buying this one again. If only for the color show, because hot damn. As usual, it made my skin feel great during and after, and I wasn’t turned blue (thank god, I don’t need to match my hair). This was, by far, my favorite thing in my haul this time around.


Like the last bubblebar I got from Lush (which was Sunny Side, a definite favorite), this bubblebar created a pretty decent amount of bubbles from a fairly small amount of product added into the running water, however it didn’t quite measure up to the previous bar. I also couldn’t really detect much of a scent from this one, and I was a little disappointed in that fact. I really enjoy when things are scented, so I’m not left sitting in a tub filled with Florida-scented water. The water does smell different, trust me. I probably won’t be buying this one again, even though the shape is super cute, since it works just as well as the other bubblebar I had bought, and the other one smelled better. Maybe the rose one has more of a scent? I’ll have to find out.

Hands of Friendship:

No longer for sale, which I’m actually pretty crushed about! I know this was a special soap to help fund refugee resettlement, but I ended up really liking the formula they used in it. It smelled really nice, it lathered up nice, and it made my hands feel nice. Plus the design was super cute. I hope they come out with something similar to this again, though I admit it’s not any different from a bunch of their other soaps. Would buy again if I found it, but won’t go man-hunting for it.

lush haul 3


Find them on the Lush site:

Butterball // Sakura // Intergalactic // Green

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