Meet Harley & Quinn!

The naming scheme was only kind of my idea.

It’s been about seven months since my family and I adopted our two cats from the humane society. We had gone in for one cat to start us off after our last family cat, Shady, had passed after 15 years with us, but the shelter was having a two-for-one special on pets and we couldn’t say no.

We didn’t really have a scheme when going in to choose — they only had five cats at the time thanks to their two-for-one deal — just that we would prefer females and weren’t looking for a kitten. The cat walking around the room when we walked in got our attention first (no big surprise, once you get to know her), so it was pretty easy going for our first pick:

Meet Quinn



♥ Age: 2
♥ Breed: Calico mix
♥ Likes: Talking, eating, chasing her tail, lying on her back
♥ Dislikes: When someone is not giving her all the attention they can, loud noises, bed sheets

Following Quinn, who used to be named Sprinkles, we wanted an older cat, since that was what we had originally gone in for. Asking the helper in the room, she directed us to the oldest cat they had at the time — a calico that looked exactly like Quinn. We figured it was pretty much a sign.

Meet Harley


♥ Age: 6
♥ Breed: Calico Ragdoll mix
♥ Likes: Sleeping, finding all the creepy crawlies in the house, exploring the lanai, the shower after it’s been used
♥ Dislikes: Quinn when she eats all the food, when her requests to go outside are ignored, dogs barking

Harley was named as such without our intervention, and we initially had no want to change the names that came with the cats, but I couldn’t not taken an opportunity with one of my soon-to-be cats being named Harley. Sprinkles, who didn’t really fit her name anyway, was renamed Quinn. I think it fits, since Quinn is no bag of glitter and gold. Her papers state she was given up because she was “a nuisance” and … well, she’s definitely got a lot of energy and need for attention.

I love her. And Harley, they’re pretty amazing cats. They follow us out into the living room when we watch X-Files as a family, they sleep with us at night (Quinn usually claims the spot right next to my head and stares at me while I’m falling asleep or waking up), they greet us when we come home. They’re really sweet cats.

10/10 would adopt again.

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