SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Mask + Moisturizer // 7-Day Trial Results

Warning: I am not a beauty guru, I just tells it like I sees it and, half of the time, I don’t actually know what I’m doing.

So I was in Target the other day picking up some foundation when I decided to waste a little more time than necessary and browse the skin care section, which I usually don’t bother with. Why? Probably because I’m just really lazy and am fortunate enough to only have breakouts once in a blue moon.

While I was there, though, I decided, hey, how about a face mask?

But my skin is sensitive in the sense that makeup can really irritate my skin, what will happen with a mask?

Eh, that won’t stop me. It’s not like I have a convention to go to the following week. (Yes, I do.)

And, so, I went home with a face mask and matching moisturizer (because that is a thing I do actually use on a daily basis) and decided to give them a week trial to see how I felt about them. These are my results and feelings.

For reference, I washed my face beforehand with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil pads. They’re a personal favorite.


SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Sensitive Skin Face Mask


Though they had three to choose from, this was the only one I felt was safe enough to give a go as it was specifically branded for sensitive skin. The other one was for blemishes, which I don’t suffer from often, and dry skin, which I don’t have. (I have combination, usually more oily than dry.) I’m not the biggest fan of roses, but I figured I could deal.


The mask has a much stronger sent of roses than the cream does, and it’s kind of annoying if you don’t like the scent, but I actually started to get used to it as I wore it. You only keep it on for 10 minutes, and you apply a thin layer of it initially. I’m definitely not used to face masks, so when this one started stinging some, I was a little worried. I also wasn’t expecting it to dry as much as it did, but, it’s mud, I don’t know why I wasn’t.


After that’s done, you wipe it off with a wet cloth and rinse your face, and …

It took a few minutes, but my skin was noticeably brighter and less red, and also felt really nice. You’re only supposed to use it once a week, so I think I’ll be doing it on days I need to go out but don’t want to put on makeup. I don’t think I’ll be getting really into face masks just from this trial, but I can see myself using them every so often. If I remember.

Following the face mask, I slathered my face in the cream, which I used twice daily after washing my face.

SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Face Moisturizer

The smell of the cream was much milder than that of the mask, which I was pretty pleased about since I had to put it all over my face and neck twice a day. It’s a much thicker cream than what I’m used to using, so I assume that means it sinks in slower (it did) and left a lot more moisture on the skin (again, it did). The site claims it’s lightweight, and maybe it is, but i seemed like a heavier moisturizer than what I was using.

This would probably be really good for those who have dry skin or really dry patches, but I found that I would prefer a thinner moisturizer for usual use and something thick like this to wear under my makeup, which is what I’m going to be doing with it now that I’ve given it seven days.

It does make my skin feel pretty nice, but the fact that it is so thick means I have that just-moisturized feeling all day and it’s not a really fun thing when you live in Florida and moisture is in the air 24/7. It was a nightmare when it rained, too. I might consider purchasing again, but that’s only if I don’t find something I like better.

It didn’t make my skin sting or breakout or anything, so plus on that one!


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