Build Your Own Shampoo? // Shampyou

It’s not as complex as you might think it would be.

Actually, it’s literally like two steps and three components. Super easy, honestly.

I first found this shampoo while wandering around Ulta, trying to hatch my eggs on Pokémon Go, and at first dismissed it. Mostly because it was an almost-empty display and I didn’t understand what it was talking about with almost all of the serums and shampoos missing. I wasn’t really there to shop, so I meandered off and forgot about it.

Then, I visited the following week and saw it again, this time with its products restocked, and my attention was caught. I don’t shampoo my hair very often (because I bleach and dye the crap out of it, I use dry shampoo most days and save the hair-washing for every five days or so), so I figured, hey, why not? Let’s try it.


The idea of Shampyou is to pick a shampoo scent of your choosing (there are four, I chose Mimosa & Jasmine) and two serums that best suit your hair. They had a few different options, with serums for red, blonde, and brown hair, and things like volume and moisture. I chose the ones for curly hair and moisture, since those tend to be the two horrors of my Florida life.

I skipped on the conditioner for two reasons: the shampoo and serums were already totaling $17 without tax ($10 for the shampoo, $3.50 for each of the serums), and I still had a mostly-full bottle of Lush’s American Cream conditioner at home, which I like a lot anyway.


Fast-forward to home, where I followed the simple instructions and added my two serums to the shampoo bases and shook up for 30 seconds, then washed my hair with it and waited for the results.

As this is only the first use, I don’t know how much it’ll effect my hair in the long run, but for the first time, I think I’m going to like it quite a bit. It’s been raining multiple times a day here, as it’s the rainy season, and normally my hair goes pretty haywire in the humidity. This morning, the day I tried out the shampoo, I ended up getting caught in the rain and, for once, my hair didn’t try to frizz up as much as it normally would. I also enjoyed the texture the shampoo left my hair feeling, which could have also been a combination of the shampoo and the conditioner.

I’ll be using the bottle up and decided after if I want to go for it again, but for now, I think it’s a nice idea to pick the two serums you need most in your hair for your shampoo. Plus, they actually seem to do what they’re supposed to.

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