Lush Stuff // Sunny Side, Frozen, The Experimenter, Charity Pot

Technically old stuff I’ve bought before, but since I’m in the process of sorting things out blog-wise, I’m adding this information to this blog and removing it from my other. This particular post will be going over one bubble bar, two bath bombs, and one hand lotion.

Not huge, but hey. Two of my all-time favorite Lush products are in this one, so.

Here’s what I thought:

Sunny Side:

Fantastic. I love the smell of it and the coating of glitter all over it. It’s both pretty and super good at creating bubbles in the tub. My favorite thing would have to be how little you have to use in order to get a good amount of bubbles. I simply crumble a small piece off, maybe a little bigger than a half dollar, and crumble it under running water and it froths up really well. I don’t even know what would happen if I used the whole bar.


By far my favorite bath bomb I’ve ever used. The smell was nice, the color was really pretty, and it was loaded with silver glitter. The bath water had turned a really pretty blue and there was so much glitter in it that I spent the entire time messing around and seeing how much glitter I could get in each handful of water. Each time there was so much glitter it looked like a snow globe in my palm. I want ten of them, please. Or one for each time I take a bath, both options are good.

The Experimenter:

Not as impressed with this one as I was with the Frozen one, but that one was impossible to live up to, honestly. I wasn’t overly thrilled of the smell, but the colors as it dissolved were really pretty as they mixed. The end color wasn’t all that great, and there wasn’t nearly as much glitter in it as there had been in Frozen (I am not kidding when I say that thing was loaded, it was ridiculous), but it still did give my skin that nice glitter coating that their bath bombs seem to always give. Not one I’ll be repurchasing, but not a total let-down of a bath bomb.

Charity Pot: 

(I purchased the one that funded the Edge of Seven fund.) Meh on this one. I like the feeling of it, but the residue it leaves on my skin drives me nuts, I can’t stand having oily hands, especially since I’m almost always doing something with them. Reading is the worst thing to do with oily hands. The smell wasn’t overly satisfying either, but I could live with it. I’ll probably continue to purchase it simply because it’s for a charity, but I’ll more likely than not use it purely on my legs or something, when I’ll be wearing pants over them.


Find them on the Lush site:

Sunny Side // Frozen // The Experimenter // Charity Pot

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