Apple Pie Oatmeal (Which is Actually Also Vegan)

I stole this recipe from Katytastic because I was up until 4:30 am catching up on her cooking vlogs and I figured that was a fair trade.

(She’s hilarious though, so it was worth it.)

Fair warning: I am not a cook, I actually loathe cooking 78% of the time, but this is really hard to mess up. Promise.

What I Used:

♥ 1 cup of water
♥ 1 cup of Silk Soymilk in Very Vanilla (Kat uses regular vanilla, I think)
♥ 1 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats (a little more than the video, but I was making it for two people and we like our oatmeal more sticky)
♥ 1 small apple, I used a Pink Lady but Honeycrisp is the way to go if possible
♥ A big helping of cinnamon
♥ Maple syrup


Here’s the video for reference and humor, I basically just did the steps as she did them:

And here’s basically what I did:

Step 1: Cut up the apple, with or without skin. I left the skin. I like it.

Step 2: Place the water, apple, and soymilk in a pot on medium-high heat and let it heat up, then add in the oats and stir.

Step 3: Cook the oats for about 5 minutes, stirring it to keep it the oats from sticking to the bottom, even though they will anyway. Clean up will suck, just throw that sucker in some water once you’re done with it, even if you’re not going to clean it immediately.

Step 4: Once the five minutes were up, I added in my buttload of cinnamon and set it off the heat to sit for two minutes because one, I can’t eat hot food and two, it gets sticker and less watery if you let it sit a minute.

Step 5: Bowl up, add maple syrup to your liking. You can also garnish it with more cinnamon if you want.

Step 6: Bam. Oatmeal. Really good oatmeal? I think the soymilk did wonders.


I’m going to try this with peaches next, because they have a lot of good peaches up at Publix right now.

Plus, peaches are awesome.

Update 8/12/2016: attempted with the peaches, good results were had. Instead of adding the peaches in early like you would the apples, add them in a minute before you finish cooking the oats. They’ll get warm and a little mushy, but overall stay pretty good.

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