Bout of Books 17 | Day One | Book to Movie Adaptation

Day one of Bout of Books, and … I had a wild day at work, so I’ll need to pick up the pace a little here. I’m so late on posting this, not to mention actually reading anything! Not quite the start I was hoping for.

The first challenge we have for this readathon is Book to Movie Adaptation by Writing My Own Fairytale. Putting Harry Potter aside, here are my choices:

Favorite Adaptations

Though I found The DUFF and The Maze Runner movies to be pretty different from their book counterparts, I really loved what they ended up being on their own. Not necessarily more than the books, but I definitely enjoyed them!

Least Favorite Adaptation

Just … they could have done better. Quite a bit better. I don’t think they’re continuing the series either, are they?

And there’s my first challenge for the day! My progress for today will be up in tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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