Bout of Books | Day Three | Show Off Your Shelves

Why is it this week of all weeks I’m crazy busy and it’s not even because of work? I haven’t been this busy during BoB since last year.

Yesterday’s Progress

Winter: 184 pages read

Total: 270/1000 pages read

And, on that note, Winter is absolute chaos and I hate having to put it down at any moment, so I’m hoping to get it done as soon as the person I’m buddy-reading it with catches up to where I am. In the meantime, I’ll attempt at finishing up Sidekicked.

Today’s Challenge: Show Off Your Shelves

Now, my shelves really haven’t changed much since the last time I took a picture of them, but I’ll slap one in here all the same.


Still really need to get some more bookcases! Problem is, I don’t know where to put them.

I’ll worry about it later, as always. Back to reading!

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