Bout of Books 17 | Wrap-Up

[Septa Unella voice] SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

Okay, not totally, but I definitely didn’t buckle down like I wanted to do! I still got some reading done, though. Here’s what I managed to knock out during this readathon:


  1. Winter by Marissa Meyer
  2. Stars Above by Marissa Meyer
  3. Pines by Blake Crouch – 137 pages read
  4. Wayward by Blake Crouch
  5. The Last Town by Blake Crouch
  6. Sidekicked by John David Anderson – 155 pages read



  1.  Finish Winter + Stars Above
  2. Read every day, at least a chapter
  3. Participate in the challenges
  4. Read 1000 pages

The only one there I flopped on was the challenges one — I only did a couple. I just wasn’t as into doing them this time, mostly because I was so busy and I wanted to read Winter instead of take the time to do the challenges. I did bust my pages goal, though, I read 1,316 total pages between the books I was reading, and I managed to finish Winter and Stars Above (which were amazing, fantastic series).

Might not have been my most spectacular participation this time, but that won’t stop me from participating again next time! This is still my all-time favorite readathon.

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