University Town Center Haul // Lush + Capital Teas

Over the weekend my family and I took a trip to one of our favorite malls in Florida, the University Town Center, located in Sarasota. As this is typically the closest Lush store I can get to at any time, I stocked up on some of my usual things along with a few new things I haven’t tried yet. In addition to my usual Lush grabbings, I found a tea shop I hadn’t been to yet and decided to give it a go. Here’s what I got, along with some thoughts:



This time I grabbed myself a bath bomb, a shower jelly, and a pot of their new tooth powder. The bath bomb I picked up was Lava Lamp, which I got because it just sounded really cool. I’ve yet to use it as I’m writing this, but I’ll probably be back later to update and give a little more input on this one.

Next I picked up their Tooth Fairy tooth powder, which lured me in because it’s strawberry and I’m a sucker for strawberry-flavored thing. I really enjoy the fact I can now get their tooth products in a powder form since, despite my enjoyment of their toothy tabs (so great for cons), I absolutely loathed having to chew up the tabs in order to use them. Not one of my favorite feelings, at all. The crushed powder form is awesome, and the flavor isn’t half bad either. It’s not very strong, unfortunately, but you can definitely tell it’s there and I actually really like it.

Finally, I picked up one of their shower jellies for the first time. I’ve been tempted to get one for a long while, but never had actually done so until now. I don’t really have an excuse for not getting one, but, hey. Now I do. I picked up the scent Whoosh and, despite the fact I’m legally blind and now constantly lose sight of my soap as it slips from my grip and into blurred oblivion, I’m really enjoying the smell of it as I use it.

Update 9/29: Finally used the bath bomb and writing this from the comfort of my awesome-smelling bathtub. I think Lava Lamp might be one of my all-time favorite bath bombs, right up there with Frozen, because it smells so damn good. The little blue bits ended up being the “lava lamp” part of the bomb, with them creating the gooey-blobby bits in the water as they melted. That part was pretty cool, and it didn’t hurt that they felt cold to the touch, which was a really weird experience in the middle of my scalding bath water. The orange smell was the best part, though, and if you don’t like orange then I suggest skipping this one.

Find them on the Lush site
Lava Lamp // Tooth Fairy // Whoosh

Capital Teas


I love tea shops. Not a huge fan of Teavana as of late, but I do cycle back there when I don’t have a lot of options or don’t feel like waiting for a shipment from Adagio. Lucky for me, Capital Teas is coming to an area very close to me, and I am definitely very excited. Capital Teas is a tea distributor based in Annapolis, Maryland, which gets extra points from me for that reason alone, as I’m from Maryland myself.

From Capital Teas, I decided to pick up a jar of their German sugar in the vanilla flavor and some of their Strawberry Oolong tea to try. Once brewed, it did taste like a good Oolong on its own, but the strawberry was very subtle without any sugar added to it. Once the vanilla sugar was added, however, it masked the strawberry that had been there, and I ended up with more of a vanilla Oolong than anything.

Not that I’m complaining, it was pretty good. I definitely like the sugar, still undecided on the tea itself.

Find them at the Capital Teas site
Strawberry Oolong // Vanilla Sugar

And that’s the stuff I picked up from the mall. I also picked up a sweater, but since it’s definitely not sweater weather here in Florida (and won’t be for a while), there won’t be pictures or anything beyond this mention of it.

Thanks for reading!

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