Wishlists & Working Woes

1st world problems, man.

I feel like I should make more of a habit of posting regularly on this blog, and I had intended to when I first made it, but as soon as school started up and I needed to get working, the motivation to do so just plummeted. Kids are exhausting!

Nonetheless, here’s a bit of an attempt until October comes, in which I’ll be giving Blogtober a go. Which means I’ll be posting at least once a day. About what, I have no idea. Probably more rambling! And updates on my Halloween costume, which I’m still designing.

Anyway, the title is pretty self-explanatory of what this slab of text is about: work is … well, work (not that I’m unhappy to be employed–I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I wasn’t working at something that brings in money). I don’t mind doing it, but, for some reason, it’s where my patience seems to run most thin. I want the days to go faster so I can get onto the next one and get closer to payday.

Which is mostly because, at the moment, I’m attempting to save up for a new computer, as my desktop of 11 years has a motherboard that’s seriously on its last leg (and should have been updated at least 4 years ago, oops), and my laptop of … 3 years, now? is also going, since it was a very cheap one I had picked up for essay writing.

So … first world problems! I’m trying to make ends meet while saving for a laptop. I’ll make it eventually, I have no doubt, but this is more me telling myself that, hey, put the Starbucks down and keep that five bucks for that laptop you need more than you really want.

(And maybe stop buying so many books. You have so many books already, Nova.)

Speaking of books, I’m also currently buddy-reading The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices books with a friend who has never read them. I read them way back in the day myself, but stopped after Clockwork Prince had been released for reasons I can’t even remember, since I loved the books. We’re about halfway through City of Bones right now, and the nostalgia is real. I remembered disliking Jace and finding Clary mildly annoying, but now it’s mostly just Jace I want to lecture. Simon and Magnus are just as glorious as I remember them, though, so that’s nice. As much as I dread getting to City of Glass (for spoiler reasons), I can’t wait to start up on The Infernal Devices, since I only read Clockwork Angel out of that one, and I have been warned of some serious heartache come the rest of the series.

If a book can make me hurt, then it’s a damn good book. I have no doubt this series will do itself justice.

Once we finish those, we’re probably going to move onto Lady Midnight of The Dark Artifices, but it’s still to be decided, since we might want to give a pause and wait for Lord of Shadows if we get close to that release date. It all depends.

I’ve also been working on some Halloween things for my Etsy shop, ShopAndrxmeda, but still have quite a few to list. No sales yet, but I know starting off, especially now that Etsy is so popular, is hard. I enjoy making the chokers, so I’ll continue to do so and list them as I go.

In other notes, here’s a song I’ve had stuck in my head for a few days:

Thanks for reading!

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