Mystic Messenger // Wooing All the Boys … and One Girl.

Oh look, I’m jumping on another bandwagon. Thanks, Tumblr.

I have a thing for dating sims, let’s just put that out there now. Usually, unless it’s Harvest Moon (oh man though, Harvest Moon gets me every time), I don’t quite have the patience for playing any of them and instead watch Let’s Plays on YouTube instead of playing them myself. Usually by Dodger or Gloom (PressHearttoContinue and GloomGames, respectively), or anyone I can find if neither of those two have done one recently. This time, since it’s a real-time mobile game, I decided to take it into my own hands.

(I’d make my own Let’s Play of it if I had the resources and will, but, to be totally honest, I don’t think I have the stuff to be a YouTuber. Unless maybe I did Sims legacies, like in the old LiveJournal days. I’d need a decent desktop for that to be a thing, though.)

I’m going to be going in the recommended order while playing this, which is Zen –> Yoosung –> Jumin –> Jaehee –> Seven, so that means I’m currently in the process of playing Zen’s route … or will be, I’m only on Day 4 as of writing this. So far, I’m not the biggest fan of Zen, he’s just not my type of fictional man. I’m mostly interested in Yoosung and Seven, but I’ll just have to wait to get to them.

Something I seriously do not like about this game is the fact it plays in real-time. Normally, or under different circumstances, I’d think this was a pretty nifty feature, but I work like a normal adult and I absolutely cannot whip my phone out to answer a call from the fictional boyfriend while I’m in the middle of teaching. Seriously, it’s against the rules. Does the fictional boyfriend understand this?

Hell no he doesn’t. And it makes the game really frustrating, because I want to play the game properly, but I also don’t want to dish out money for it just to do so due to the fact I have to work or sleep during some pretty important parts. I wish they would implement some sort of feature that makes it easier on people who work normal days, but I guess that’s just a lot of me bitching about being an adult playing a game.

I’m still going to be playing it, regardless of how difficult the playing will be, so. Score one for Cheritz.

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