Children Are Germ Machines :(

Aaand, yes, that means I have managed to get sick already.

I’m pretty sure it’s just a cold, but all the same, I’m really annoyed at myself for not taking more care in cleaning my hands religiously. I did binge on hand sanitizer as much as I thought I needed to, but that obviously wasn’t enough. Quite a few kids in my classes these past couple of weeks were pretty obviously snotty with some sort of sickness; I should have taken that as a hint to double up on my sanitation.

What I’m most unhappy about is the fact I’ll have to be on my feet constantly while sick, potentially only getting (and hopefully not spreading, I’ll have to be really careful) more germs. But, what can you do? You live and you learn. You know, hopefully. I clearly didn’t learn my lesson in college, where the germ stakes were even higher.

In other news, I have a very busy month ahead of me with October coming up: my family and I decided we wanted to meet up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween event this year–which we haven’t been to in forever, despite living in Florida; a Sia concert happening later in the month; Halloween itself; and then scrambling at the tail end of the month so I can leave for Nekocon, which is the first weekend of November. I’m a little daunted. And I’ll have to be extra, extra careful not to get sick, because that’ll only make things so much worse.

Plus, I’ll be doing Blogtober (it’s still called that, right? I’m way behind in the times.), so all of my mishaps and such will be documented. Embarrassment ahoy.

Haha. I’m going to go back to sleep now.

(Or maybe play some Story of Seasons on my new purple galaxy 3DS that I got a FANTASTIC deal on, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the money. Look how beautiful it is.)


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