Congratulations, It’s a Bacterial Infection!

My initial analysis of my own illness was proven wrong. I’m way less than pleased.

Yep, that’s right. Turns out I wasn’t infected with a simple cold, no matter how “pretty okay” I felt Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I woke up Monday unable to swallow and decided that quite possibly I was suffering from more than just your early-in-the-season (especially for Florida) cold. Turns out, I had caught the strain of strep throat that was going around the schools.

I was pretty shocked! I haven’t had strep throat since I was in elementary school myself, and had somehow managed to dodge the many strains that had popped up in school while I was still attending. Yet, 16 or so years later, here I am, suffering from a botched up throat. They drugged me up, and I was cut from working for 48 hours. That was the worst part for me, honestly. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to be very good on my feet before the antibiotics had a chance to kick in, I really didn’t want to let two days of pay go.

I’ll definitely be more careful from this point forward, though. TISSUES FOR EVERYONE.

So. In other news, I finished Zen’s route on Mystic Messenger. He grew on me, I won’t lie, and I really enjoyed the ending once I got past the asshole nature he was projecting towards the other characters (and not in a tsundere way). Yoosung is next on the list, but I think I’m going to start his route on Friday or Saturday instead of tomorrow. Just as a break. I’m trying to get through three books anyway, and I’d prefer to give them my attention over the app for now.

Speaking of, I’ve finally (finally) decided to swallow my fear of reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and … well, actually read it. Why was I afraid of reading it? Because, like many others, Harry Potter is sacred ground for me, and something about this book not living up to what I wanted it to be terrifies me. After hearing some others talk about it, I realize that, since it’s not strictly written by J.K. Rowling and isn’t actually the eighth book, I probably won’t hold it on a pedestal like I do the former seven. And, so far (I’ve only just finished Act One, Part One), that is exactly what’s happening. I don’t feel the same magic I did from the original series, and it really does read a lot like fanfiction, much like others have said. Somehow, I’m okay with this.

But I still really want more from Rowling herself. Pls.

I’ll still be finishing the book, no matter my thoughts on it. It might surprise me in the end. Plus, I’m kind of absolutely adoring Scorpius. I can’t see a hint of Draco in him at all, but I still love his lines. So much.

Now, to end this, have a picture of my cat. (You can guess which cat is.)


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