Blogtober Day 2 // Work, Bitch.

Literally that’s all I’ve been doing all day, and I’m not talking about the kind of work that gets me money. If anything, I’m losing it because I keep messing up the pattern.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween is happening this Friday for me and I’m … really, really cutting it close in the costume department. Why? I don’t know. I planned this whole thing out over a month ago, cut out the pieces for it bit by bit and am only just now getting around to doing the sewing parts. I thought maybe I’d be better about making something since it’s not a cosplay for a con (which I always cut down to the last week, no matter how many times I tell myself never again), but apparently my procrastinating brain considers them within the same vein as I’m down to my last few days to get it all together.

Thankfully, it’s of my own design, so if something is missing, no one will know. 😉

What am I making? Well, that’ll be totally unveiled when it’s finished. I am posting bits and pieces over on my Instagram, and some of those will also be plastered in here in my daily posts. Maybe all of them, it depends on how I’m feeling. As of writing this, only the skirt is completely constructed. The bodice is pinned and will be sewn next, and then I have to figure out what kind of decorations I want to go for before attaching it to the skirt. I was thinking faux corset? Something like that.

Here’s the skirt:

You can’t see it in the lighting, but underneath that first sheer black skirt is a skirt made of some super pretty gold netting that looks awesome in the right light. Probably not the smartest thing for a nighttime event but whatever.

I’ll be spending the rest of the day/night working on this and probably reading Harry Potter/City of Ashes. And wooing Yoosung, since I started up a new game yesterday.

Back to sewing…

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