Blogtober Day 3 // Hurricane?

No progress report on the costume today! Or, well. No photo of one. Sewing happening, along with some cutting, But it’s yet to be attached all as one so there’s not much to share on that front.

Most of the day today was spent running around stores for things and waiting in the doctor’s office for them to extend my antibiotics, since my throat was as good as they were hoping by this point. Which worries me a little, since I do have to work on my feet for the rest of the week (today was a holiday for schools), and I have to be at Disney on Friday and resting won’t be an option there either.

… Or will I? Disney may actually be cancelling and rescheduling due to the weather that Hurricane Matthew is bringing about. It won’t be tracking its way along where I live this time, but Disney resides on what is almost the other coast (it kind of sits in the middle, but it’s much closer to the opposite coast of Florida than where I live), and Matthew is going to be passing alongside that end. It’s not expected to hit land, but the chance of rain is pretty high. If it’s too bad, then Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween is not going to be happening this Friday for me (or any of the others). There’s no word yet, since it’s still too early in the week, but we’ll find out sooner or later.

It’s expected to be a category 3 soon, but it’s going to be a 4 when it crosses Haiti and Cuba (which is really, really bad for them–the scale only goes up to a 5), so it’s possible it’ll still be strong enough to cause some havoc in Florida once it gets here.

But, news will happen where there’s news to be had. In the meantime, I’ll just have to wait. And also hope for Cuba and Haiti because getting hit with a category 4 is horrible.

Back to the first note, I’ll probably include something of an update pic in tomorrow’s post. Probably the same thing that’ll be on my Instagram if anything, since I usually post something there first and then include the pictures in posts later.  Still really excited with how it’s turning out.

Talking about it is making me want to work on it some more, and I have to take these urges by the horns, otherwise I’m just too damn lazy half of the time to bother getting up.

Here’s a picture of Harley to keep this post from being too bland.

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