Blogtober Day 5 // It’s a Meh Kind of Day

Not one of my better days, and if I didn’t decide to dedicate myself to Blogtober, I wouldn’t have bothered blogging at all today.

Needless to say, aside from work, I didn’t do jack today. I got home, took a bath, and then binged on YouTube videos whilst wishing I could play the Sims 4. A fair chunk of my paychecks is going towards a new PC build so I can do just that, but I’m impatient. I just want to start up another legacy challenge that I’ll never finish, y’know?

I wonder if my old LiveJournal is even still around. Possibly not, since that was back in the late Sims 2/early Sims 3 days. Hm. Maybe most people use Tumblr now anyway? I’ll look into that once I get around to actually having a platform to play the game on in the first place.

As for sewing and picture-taking, it didn’t happen. Not only was it still raining, but I got right into my pjs instead of bothering to put the half-finished outfit on. I just was not in the mood to bother.

Speaking of rain, Matthew’s on the move. We’re still only getting tropical storm watches here on the Southwest coast, but the likelihood of it being worse is very, very high. Evacuation is very unlikely for my area, but the rest of Florida–particularly the East coast–is under threat with Matthew potentially hitting as a Cat 4. The whole of Florida is in a state of emergency, along with Georgia and what I believe is also South and North Carolina. They may only be under a warning.

Oh god I got distracted while writing this and now it’s 11 at night. Whoops.

So, yes, Florida is in a state of emergency and the following days leading up to this weekend is going to be wild. And not in a fun way. Needless to say, Disney is being postponed, so I’ll have time to add more details and take pictures in real Florida sunlight and stuff.

… Yeah I’m going to go lie back down. Thanks for reading if you made it this far! ❤

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