Blogtober Day 6 // Cancelled :(

Ngl, today’s possibly been more meh than yesterday. I’ve done basically nothing today, and you know what? It felt really nice.

I’m starting this one so late in the day this time. In fact, I almost forgot to do it, so I’m currently doing it from the tub because that’s when I realized I had forgotten. First thing’s first: the title. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween has been cancelled for tomorrow, thanks to that asshole Matthew, so we’ve had to reschedule to next Friday. I’m both disappointed and a little relieved, one for obvious reasons and the other because it means I have more time to spiffy up my costume–which I didn’t work on at all today.

I didn’t have work today so my day only consisted of: going to the library (which is always a dangerous place because I rarely leave without at least one book … and I left with the 10th Anniversary Twilight Edition book thing and another book called The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian), getting home, making some food, and then watching YouTube for the rest of the day. Specifically Markiplier’s Livestream, which only made me want to play The Sims 4.

Curse you, shit PC. And PC part prices.

Past that, I slapped on a face mask, drew a bath, and promptly realized I had not posted anything and it was already 10:00 pm.

And … here we are! I’m still watching YouTube. Also reading some Cursed Child, but mostly watching YouTube. It’s really just one hell of a lazy day, and I’m not sorry.

I’ll spice up the post with a video of Harley hitting her head a little too hard on the bar top we have, simply because she didn’t hurt herself and the hollow “thump” she makes is kind of hilarious. She’s got one heck of a thick skull, because it’s definitely not the first time she’s done it. It clearly doesn’t bother her.

(That’s my sister talking in the video, btw. She’s the one who filmed it.)

See you tomorrow!

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