Blogtober Day 8 // Harry Potter Cards!

Oh, and other stuff. But, really, it’s the Harry Potter stuff that really matters. 😀

Other stuff consisted of: ironing interfacing (because top needed more stability, hence the lack of a photo–it did not fit well and was too flimsy), cleaning the house some, and trying to figure out how the heck to properly use a beauty blender, because I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials and still can’t seem to make my makeup look as good despite using the same sponge as all the other people. Or, well, most of them. But that’s besides the point. I think I’m just not meant for the makeup life unless someone else is putting it on me.

Unfortunately, I don’t make enough to hire someone to help me do my makeup, so I’ll just stick to hardly ever wearing it and saving myself the battle. I’ll worry more once the wrinkles develop. (Knock on wood…)

But, now, the exciting thing:

Remember back when I talked about having pre-ordered some Harry Potter stuff in my Metrocon 2016 post? This was it!

They arrived and they’re beautiful! I flipped through all of them myself, and I’ll more likely than not be posting more pictures of them at some point, but I only featured the four Hogwarts Founders and the lovely Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, in my picture. Most of the cards are like Dumbledore’s rather than the Founders’, with two different images of the character, which is my absolute favorite part about them. Especially when it comes to Harry’s, Hermione’s, Ron’s, Draco’s … etc., because it shows them in their first year vs them in their final year. They’re beautiful, let me tell you.

If you’d like to scope around for them yourself (mine was a pre-order), the creator’s website is here and her Instagram is here!

Now, excuse me while I fangirl wildly over these beauts. ❤

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