Blogtober Day 11 // Much Better Day!

Really. Even though I literally just remembered I needed to write this as I was getting ready to go to sleep, my day overall was so much better than yesterday.

Even though I was literally lying in bed ready to sleep when I remembered I hadn’t made this post, I’m going to go a bit rambly today and probably have no streamline sense to anything I’m going to say (I’ll actually find out once I write everything), so enjoy my lack of coherent timeline-central thoughts!

Yes. Today was awesome compared to yesterday, and even though that really wasn’t hard for my day to be, there was always a chance for disaster. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. I didn’t get a whole lot done today, but I’m not complaining. It even started off good, which is kind of unusual, since I hate mornings so much. Like, always.

The good thing that happened to make it start off well? I walked in to grab my assignment key and the principal’s secretary recognized me immediately (some of my high school teachers that I’ve known for 4 years don’t even recognize me, yet this lady did, and I’d only met her once) and asked me if I needed a job for Friday, which I did! Bam, Friday is covered. More paycheck money to slide towards the much-needed computer (of some sort), and it’s being earned at a school that is so nice. I am thrilled.

Once I got off of work, I popped over to Target to pick up a few things and decided that maybe I should actually take a second and figure out wtf my undertone is so I can actually get the right foundation for my skintone. My previous issue was always the fact I would buy the lightest shade there was (because, despite living in the sunshine state, I can’t tan to save my life and I am pale enough that my veins show through my skin in places where they wouldn’t on another person) and it would always end up wrong and yellow. I’d buy the next shade down and end up looking like I coated myself in fake tan, which is really not a good look unless you slather it on all of your other pale parts that show.

Finally, finally, 24 years into this life, I realized that I was shopping in brands that don’t carry any makeup with my undertone. I was always buying the lightest shade, but they were always in “warm” undertones, which I am not. I’m still totally confused by the whole naming of these, honestly, but I am a “cool” undertone, and for once in my life I bought foundation in a color that works.

I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t you just go to a store and have them match you? Well, I did do that, about 8 years ago, and just took what they told me to heart. When they were matching me, the lady told me they didn’t carry anything in my exact color, and to just go with the lightest one because it would work regardless with how little I would need to use. I took those words as gospel (holy shit, I just had to go through two help-me-find-the-word-esque sites and then ask my parents to throw words at me until I could think of the word gospel because I couldn’t remember it) and never tried another store–nor did I bother thinking maybe I was just not looking at enough brands. I’m not a big makeup wearer, I wear it for cons, big events, or when I have time on my hands before leaving somewhere, so it was never really that big of a concern for me.

However, now, I have found the way. I chose the part of the makeup aisles that had the most shades to choose from, brought up the website, and realized I was horribly confused all this time. I bought some of L’oreal’s True Match foundation in the shade C1 Alabaster and I have never had such a good match to my skin in my entire life. It’s so pink. I’m so pink.

I haven’t actually slathered it on my face yet, but you can bet I’ll be doing that tomorrow and having more input on my daily post. There might even be pictures.

For now, though, I’ve got to head to bed. So, header image that I’m not actually going to set as the header: Jack Skellington tights that I got compliments on today.

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