Blogtober Day 12 // Stuff in the Works

Between sewing, crafting, and writing, I’ve got a few things coming.

One of which is my costume, which is still giving me a bit of trouble. I might just add boning and deal with the fact it won’t give me the figure I quite want, nor the flexibility. Eh.

The other is more chokers for my Etsy shop, which just need to have their findings attached and then I can put them up.  Only a few are Halloween-related, mostly because I’m running out of possible pendants to use out of the selection I can get at the store. The others are just random things or pendants that I liked and wanted to use.

The third thing, writing, is for a blog post I’m working on for hair dye. I have a few favorites and I’ve yet to compile some of them into a coherent post, so I’m going about that now. The only issue is I’m only using dyes that I have pictures of my hair for, and some of those pictures are proving to be a little MIA at the moment. I know I have them somewhere, I just have to figure out where that is. If you’re into dyeing your hair funky colors and want to know what I like to use (even though my hair isn’t dyed right now … teaching is so restrictive), then stick around! 😉

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I locate the pictures, since the post is already almost completely done.

Also–the makeup from yesterday. I did put it on my face and it worked very nicely, but I didn’t get any pictures of myself because, really, I’m just not that comfortable in front of a camera and I couldn’t get any I was okay with putting on the blog. So, instead, here’s just a pic of the makeup:

And, then, to end this, a pic of Harley 🙂

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