Blogtober Day 13 // Book Reviews & Fringe

I’ve had Heathens by Twenty One Pilots stuck in my head for like a month now.

Help me.

So! I’ve been falling behind on my reading goal, and it’s bothering the living heck out of me. I’ve been doing so well this past year that I’ve bumped my goal up twice and it’s now sitting pretty at 120. I’m slowly losing ground, however, and am now only one book ahead where I was six when I bumped the goal up initially. This really needs to be fixed.

Another thing that needs to be fixed is the lack of book reviews I’ve been popping out. I lost my drive to write them up a while ago, and that happens sometimes, but I’d like to get back into it since I have about seven half-finished ones just sitting in my drafts as I write this. I’m thinking once I have the energy to finish one of them, I’ll start lining it up and publish them once a week so I have a little time to catch up on the others, and then from there just see where it takes me. I miss doing them, just not putting any effort into doing them … which is the problem. I blame work. (Who wouldn’t, though, being busy sucks sometimes.)

While not reading or working, though, I’ve been watching Fringe with the fam. We started an X-Files marathon earlier in the year (because the new season had premiered and we were kind of lost, since it had been ages since we last saw any of Mulder and Scully) and finished it with a need for something else somewhat related, so we turned to Fringe. We only got two seasons into it before Netflix nixed it (I really wish they had some sort of warning before they did that) and then looked to the local libraries so we could continue. We’re currently midway through season three and good lord it is so good. And I swear I’m not just saying this as a J.J. Abrams fangirl, because I wasn’t even aware he was one of the people behind it when I first started watching it.

Plus, I don’t think all of his work is fantastic. Just a lot of it. Fringe is definitely included in this. The plot, the characters, the scenery and settings. I freakin’ love it all. I’m already really upset knowing it’s going to end in a few seasons and there will more likely than not be some sizable plot holes due to cancellation. (Unless they end it well–I’ve been avoiding anything regarding the series like wildfire thanks to horrific spoilers that could come up, it’s one of those shows where small details can wreck a whole line of plot. Maybe it wraps up well, I wouldn’t know.)

And … I’ve become 100% distracted by Mark and Tyler’s livestream of Undertale and it’s now almost 10 pm.

WELP TIME TO END THIS HERE. Have a pic of my cat:

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