Blogtober Day 14 // Window Shopping … The Browser Kind

Got something I’m putting together tomorrow.

As little shopping as I do when it comes to online purchases (I still tend to prefer physical shopping when I bother to go shopping and not just buy things at random while out), I have moments where I’ll just fall into a spiral of endless clicking and browsing through different websites for clothes. Usually this does actually end with me buying something … which is what happened today.

I won’t bother blathering on about what I ended up getting, but along the way I found some really cute Halloween-themed things that I wish I could get my hands on, so I’ve decided I want to gather them and make a thing of it.  More for my own aesthetic pleasure than anything else, but if you’re fond of wishlists, then you’re welcome to check mine out when I get it up! I would do it today but I’ve got 20 minutes left in the day and something tells me I can’t work that fast.

It’s me. I’m telling me I can’t work that fast. It’ll definitely be up tomorrow though.

As for the rest of the day … eh. Nothing else really happened. Of interest, anyway. I did edit and toss up a couple of photos from Animazement that I had yet to do anything with, so those can be found over on my Instagram. Possibly more to come if I feel the need for more, but it’ll probably be more on the Nekocon side since that con is coming up soon.

Anyway, end pic:

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