Blogtober Day 16 // NaNoWriMo & Mall Haul

Quinn just shut my laptop down while I walked away for some coffee.

Thank you, auto-save drafts.

Now, according to the title, I have two things to talk about. I’ll probably babble as I go, but I’ll stick to the two topics as strictly as possible. Which might not be 100% possible. We’ll see.

Topic #1: NaNoWriMo!

I’ve been meaning to participate in NaNoWriMo since I first learned about it from my librarian friend Nickii like three years ago. Why I never actually did participate in it is for a variety of reasons, but mostly I just felt like I wasn’t ready, nor would I even remotely be able to complete the goal. Write 50,000 words in a month? Well, that part’s easy, honestly. I’ve written more than that in classes and fanfiction. It’s 50,000 words of my own content without direction that I’m not sure I can do. I was never taught to write anything but creative nonfiction and poetry, the former which I have developed a strong dislike for and the latter of which I just never liked even a little.

This poses a problem, kind of. I want to write fiction, more on the side of fantasy. I have no education in how to do that properly, so this will be 100% winging it as I go. Is that okay? Of course it is, I’m not planning on getting published. I’m just one of those people that aren’t really comfortable doing something without having a good amount of training in the area I’m going to be attempting to do.

But, hey. I’ve been writing fanfiction for god knows how long, I figure that’s close enough to a form of training that it’s time I attempted NaNoWriMo. Thus, come November, I’m going to try. Keyword.

How that’ll go, we’ll find out.

Now, onto topic #2: Aventura Mall Haul. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had bought  few things while at the mall and I would put pictures of the items in the following day’s post, so here we are!

A few could already be found on my Instagram, and they’ll be included here along with the rest.

From H&M:


Here’s the link for it from the website if you’re interested. For some reason, I can’t find the sweatshirt I almost got. Which is upsetting because I was going to buy it on the website.

From Aeropostale:


I had forgotten I picked this up yesterday because it was with my sister’s purchases. Aeropostale is going bankrupt and closing some of their stores, so they were trying to get rid of everything at the mall. I wasn’t going to get anything, but the t-shirts were buy one, get two free and my sister could only find two she liked, so she offered the third one to me for free and I went with this one. Instead of linking the shirt itself, I recommend just going to the site. They’re having the same sale on there. (I actually just bought a couple bras since they were sold-out in store. Good deals!)

From Anthropologie:

I don’t shop here too often because it gets really expensive, really fast, but I am such a sucker for cats and candles that I finally broke down and got one of each.



Plus, bath salts from the sale section because baths are ace.


Link for mug and candle. For some reason, the salts aren’t on the website.

And thus ends my mall haul and covering both topics I had planned.

I managed not to ramble much at all. 😉

So … I’ll leave it there before I start.

Thanks for reading!

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