Blogtober Day 21 // Quick Post

Really quick, because I’m doing this from mobile and it’s a bit of a mess!

Seriously, I am not a fan of this mobile interface. There’s no “read more” option, which I like so my front page isn’t constant blocks of word spew. I’ll have to add one in tomorrow when I get home.

As of right now, I’m on my way to Orlando for Disney, then over to my Grandma’s to spend the night so we don’t have to drive three hours home after. She doesn’t have a Internet and Verizon doesn’t reach her park, so I’m probably going to be without much technology unless we go back to Disney for the day.

Either way, I probably won’t be posting until tomorrow night. However, you can bet there will be tons of pics from the event. I’m so excited, I love Disney.

I ended up going with Jack, but feminine so I wouldn’t have to slather on the makeup and bronzer/highlighter mix to look more masculine yet frozen to death. Jack’s a pain in the butt to cosplay, but so are most male cosplays. Blech.

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