Blogtober Day 23 // Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween & More

Finally, blessed internet. Of course, it can’t all be good, otherwise it wouldn’t be my life.

Got home from Orlando at about 2 am this morning, so, like I had thought, I wouldn’t have gotten internet in time to get my Disney photos up. This post will be the one to include them, though.

I’ll go ahead and get those up and get them out of the way. There aren’t a ton, because I ended up going on more rides than expected, so I missed out on the second parade and the fireworks show, but I still got some pictures. Plus, a buttload of candy.

The front gates, done up all nice and Halloween-y. There was dry ice EVERYWHERE.
Cinderella Castle looked awesome, and I wish my phone camera could have done it justice.


… And Main Street! It was the most Halloween-decorated out of everything, honestly. I love the street lamps.


And that concludes my Disney Halloween pictures. l enjoyed it a lot, and I’m trying to now get my hands on the CD they use for the event because the music mix they used for the parade and fireworks shows was amazing. They used a bunch of villain songs and things from A Nightmare Before Christmas, and it all mixed so well.

I’d like to go again next year for sure, but hopefully with a better camera so I can take clearer pictures and maybe not be pushed to the side as much. People didn’t notice much when I had my phone out, I don’t think they realized I was taking photos half of the time.

The day following I spent in Downtown Disney with my grandmother and parents. I didn’t do a whole lot, but I did shop at Uniqlo, which is an awesome store from Japan that stocks clothes that fit me way more often than other brands do. I picked up a cute outfit (which I’ll probably snap a pic of and put up in a later post) and then spent the rest of the day eating.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend. Today, though, not as good. I accidentally smacked my (closed) laptop against the corner of my desk and because it was upside down, the lid got the brunt of the impact and shattered my screen at the top. This is a totally crappy laptop, but I don’t have the funds to pick up a new one yet, so, of course, I am beyond PO’d that I managed to do this.

It still works, thank god, so I’ll stick around with it until I either kill it off completely or gather enough money to purchase a new one. I should have enough for my desktop by the time Black Friday rolls around, but a laptop will have to come second.

Here’s hoping I don’t break it further.

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